My whiskey week

28 09 2007

This week has been quiet enough so ehm… Yeah, let’s talk about last weekend. Last weekend was a bit epic. I brought the wife and 11 month old son down to Dingle on our first ever holiday away from my family. Of course I brought whiskey but I didn’t want to be too irresponsible, so just a naggon of Teeling Amarone. My word that’s a great whiskey. It was bottled for O’Briens Wine, which in Greystones is my only decent local off-license and purveyor of fine craft beers. The Amarone is a wine made from the desiccated remains of French grapes. I hear that way they can pack more in. We did actually pick up a bottle of Amarone itself for about €30 in our local Tesco but I digress.

The trip down was a journey in itself. I’m not gonna say we were adrift on a boat with a man eating tiger but we were in a Skoda Fabia with a zero year old child. Knowing he wouldn’t appreciate the four and a half hour journey to Ireland’s furthest west point, we decided to stop at Moneygall. When the Obama’s visited a few year’s back this is where they found ancestry. I’m sure they’d be trilled to know that in homage to their encounter we’ve seen fit to set up a truck stop style plaza resplendent with Supermacs, Bewleys and everything a traveling family of three could possibly require. I was about ready to tear into that Teeling I can tell you. We changed the child, had a coffee and a couple of millionaire shortbread squares and left.








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