Loaded Questions

25 05 2017

What are you doing?! Why are you doing it that way?

You fucking know why. I’m doing it this way either because of an assumption I’ve incorrectly made or an outdated ideal. You know that. But rather than make an observation that might nudge me into rethinking something I haven’t looked at in years. Rather than doing that. You’ve decided to set me up in defense of something you know damn well I wouldn’t agree with now.

But you need an antagonist before you can climb up on your self indulgent little soap box. Well done there. I find myself not explaining the reasons behind why I’m doing this now but why I did it a decade ago. Those are easy arguments to counter; They are no longer valid; I don’t agree with them myself. Yet here we are; you releasing your rant and me creating and hopelessly defending my own straw man.

Here is this argument you’ve foisted on me to affirm your narcissism. Kudos motherbitch, kudos; that’s some good mentoring there. We’ve all learned something.




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