Setting up a Pi as Point of Sale

9 05 2017

I set this up months ago using a Raspberry Pi and a PIR to trigger a video when someone approached the system. I’m now returning to the project with a new request to replace the PIR with a push button. Seems simple enough. Now then, where did I put the damn software…

Firstly I only have 8 Gb SD Micros so I’m using Raspbian Jesse with Pixel via NOOBS. NOOBS is great. After download you drag all the files across to your SD RAM card and that’s you. I still get Forrest Whittaker eye when an install is as transparent as that. After twenty three years of using Windows I have come to expect progress bars, spinning wheels, background tasks and something rewriting a bunch of system files or registry entries. But no, just drag them the fuck across and you’re grand.

Now then, boot the thing! Wait now, not from your computer; on your Pi. Boot the thing and follow along the instructions. You’ll be brought to a wonderful little desktop. I’m using an Adafruit cheap as chips little screen.

The very first thing you’ll want to configure is network access. In the UI environment you’ll see a little wireless icon on the top right of the screen. Clicky on that and set up your wLAN. Next, no doubt, you’ll be wanting some file transfer. There are choices here. As far as I remember copying stuff over on the microSD is not ideal as the OS is running from there. There are also caveats to copying stuff from the Pi via this method but it is doable. But no, seriously, you’ve access to your local network now so use it. Stop gmailing yourself files and enable sFTP. Grab your Pi’s IP address via the Terminal command ifconfig. It’ll be listed under the wlan section (or eth0 if you’ve plugged in a patchlead). You’ll need that for the client (FileZilla/pUtty).

Now then, where are we? Oh yes, in the terminal I hope. Throw a cheeky ‘sudo raspi-config’ at the screen and select [Interfacing Options] from the ensuing screen. Therein select and enable SSH. You’ll be prompted to reboot. You really shouldn’t have to but I did. I mean rebooting to change the configuration of a network card is the kind of thing Windows does right? Linux systems should be ifupping that shit. But sure there you go, better safe than sorry.

By the way [ctrl]+[alt]+[f1]’ll get you out to a proper terminal if you prefer that. I know I do. [ctrl]+[alt]+[f7] to get back.

Holy shit!! My new computer just arrived!1 brb


My whiskey week

28 09 2007

This week has been quiet enough so ehm… Yeah, let’s talk about last weekend. Last weekend was a bit epic. I brought the wife and 11 month old son down to Dingle on our first ever holiday away from my family. Of course I brought whiskey but I didn’t want to be too irresponsible, so just a naggon of Teeling Amarone. My word that’s a great whiskey. It was bottled for O’Briens Wine, which in Greystones is my only decent local off-license and purveyor of fine craft beers. The Amarone is a wine made from the desiccated remains of French grapes. I hear that way they can pack more in. We did actually pick up a bottle of Amarone itself for about €30 in our local Tesco but I digress.

The trip down was a journey in itself. I’m not gonna say we were adrift on a boat with a man eating tiger but we were in a Skoda Fabia with a zero year old child. Knowing he wouldn’t appreciate the four and a half hour journey to Ireland’s furthest west point, we decided to stop at Moneygall. When the Obama’s visited a few year’s back this is where they found ancestry. I’m sure they’d be trilled to know that in homage to their encounter we’ve seen fit to set up a truck stop style plaza resplendent with Supermacs, Bewleys and everything a traveling family of three could possibly require. I was about ready to tear into that Teeling I can tell you. We changed the child, had a coffee and a couple of millionaire shortbread squares and left.